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Software Development

As technology becomes the main interface between businesses and digitally-savvy consumers, investing in intelligent software development is critical to engaging customers, reaching new markets and building stronger brands. Using an insight-driven approach, RevaComm works closely with clients to identify key motivators and turn them into custom software applications that are agile, intuitive, user-friendly and secure. Whether the platform is online or mobile, our responsive designs are optimized to create a consistent user experience through the entire consumer journey.

We firmly believe that the key to the success of any project starts with a foundation of trust between all stakeholders. RevaComm’s entire team is committed to an open and transparent software development process that integrates our clients’ feedback, ideas, and insights through every execution cycle.


Our Software Development Process


Using Rapid Discovery Sessions, our development team will interview and collaborate with you to solidify technical requirements and determine 3rd-party application dependencies. Our designers will also review project requirements and workflows to identify ways to create more intuitive and effective experiences.


Our team will conduct strategy sessions to develop a scope of features that fulfill your project requirements while taking into account the user experience, timing, and budget.


We collaborate with you to prioritize features and create a project schedule utilizing the Agile Development Method. Then, we break down the work into manageable portions that can be delivered at project milestones. These milestones promote transparency and provide opportunities for you to give feedback.


Researching and prototyping give our team the opportunity to experiment, test, validate, iterate and fine-tune the architecture and user interface of your project. This will ensure that the software being developed is the right fit for you and your business, prior to full-scale development.


Our development and design team work in time-boxed agile sprints (usually about two weeks) to maintain a regular cadence of development, demonstration, and review. This process keeps you in the loop and helps us to quickly and effectively address any issues that surface.

Test & Support

We use an automated test and deployment infrastructure throughout the entire development process to supplement manual testing and support. This approach helps us to quickly identify and address bugs and ensure maximum quality every step of the way.



In the military, every mission is critical. True to the qualities of the four branches, we develop innovative solutions as a cohesive team with precision and purpose.


As industries in every sector face a rapidly changing world, we help businesses turn complex processes into intuitive platforms that can drive smart decision making.


As governments struggle to meet their goals given finite resources, our team can put technology to work to modernize systems, increase efficiency, improve community satisfaction and reduce costs.

Let's make it happen.