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Who We Are

RevaComm is a leader in Agile Software Development, User-Centered Design, and DevSecOps. As an enterprise digital transformation company, we transform organizational challenges into powerful digital capabilities through fresh experiences and great technology. Our approach deeply integrates business consulting, design, and technology to improve human performance and engage your customers, employees and partners to help you become more agile, smarter, and better than your competition.

We are digital business strategists and architects, software engineers, user experience designers, digital marketers, and project managers. We help you transform marketing and sales, operations, products and services, and even your business model. The best thing of all, we are located right here in beautiful Honolulu.

Our Team

  • Elden Ito

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Brett Kimura


  • Kurt Nakamura

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Robert Pierce

    Chief Architect

  • Connie Shin


  • Chelsea Haina

    Director of Design Research & Strategy

  • Kana Ribultan

    Director of Product Design & Experience

  • Aaron Yee

    Director of Technology

  • Jason Halsey

    Director of Federal Sales

  • Albert Tran

    Software Engineer

  • Alixandra Youngblood

    Technical Writer

  • Allie Kim

    Software Engineer

  • Bethany Morris

    Software Engineer

  • Blaise Takushi

    Software Engineer

  • Brendon Lloyd

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Brendt McFeeley

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Brian Fohl

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Brianna Hong

    Project Manager

  • Brice Okubo

    User Experience Designer

  • Bryce Wong, PMP

    Software Engineer

  • Celeste Short

    Technical Writer

  • Charlie Sakamaki

    Software Engineer

  • Chaz Leong

    Software Engineer

  • Christian de Anda

    Cybersecurity Engineer Intern

  • Christopher Zell

    Open-Source Product Manager and Engineer

  • ChunMi Araki

    Recruiter and HR Specialist

  • Cody Bogle

    Project Manager

  • Corey Clifton

    UI/UX Designer

  • David Croswell

    Business Analyst & Account Coordinator

  • Derrin Chong

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Ejay Tumacder

    DevSecOps and Software Engineer

  • Ernest Chuang

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Francis Gomez

    Marketing Manager

  • Glenn Nagao

    Program Manager

  • Jeffrey Neimy

    Retained Services Coordinator

  • Jennifer Eggers

    Capture Manager & Marketing Manager

  • Jennifer Nakano

    Office Administrator

  • Joan Pagaragan

    Program Support Administrator

  • Josh He

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Julian Kim

    Software Engineering Intern

  • Keana Bate

    Program and Project Manager

  • Kristen Foster

    Office Manager

  • Leah Schmidt

    Project and Onboarding Manager

  • Lucas Chun

    Software Engineering Intern

  • Mariela Morales

    Program Support Administrator

  • Mark Deering

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Melissa Yoshimoto


  • Michael Endo

    Software Engineer

  • Michael Uranaka

    Software Engineer

  • Michaello Ocampo

    Software Engineer

  • Monet Villacorte

    Program Support Administrator

  • Nicole Ono

    User Experience Designer

  • Phung Dao

    Program Support Specialist

  • Quinn Sasaki


  • Rachael Kusiak

    User Experience Designer

  • Ralph Magbanua

    Marketing Communications Designer

  • Rashell Ito

    Office Manager

  • Reyn Okinaga

    Business Operations Intern

  • Rianne Pada

    Business Analyst Intern

  • Richard Garcia

    Product Designer

  • Ron Ballesteros

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Ronnie Webb

    DevSecOps Engineer

  • Scott Sievers

    Cybersecurity Engineer

  • Sharie Anne Mamuad

    IT Help Desk

  • Shaun Gilbert

    Contract Manager

  • Spencer Ho

    Business Operations Specialist

  • Swat Vongsay

    Software Engineer

  • Tae McCash

    User Experience Designer

  • Taylor Denno

    Project Manager

  • Teresa Tran

    Software Engineer

  • Umi Ching-Nakama

    Software Engineer

Our Values

RevaComm Core Values

  • lorem8

    God Centered

    We recognize that everyday is a gift and an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

  • lorem9

    Walk Our Talk

    Try new things, learn by doing, always assume there is a better way, and never give up.

  • lorem10

    We Before Me

    We build a better world by loving, serving, and uplifiting each other.

  • lorem11

    Customer Focus

    Care for each client, strive to exceed their expectations and become partners with them.

  • lorem12

    Keep It Real

    Honor our words and relationships, be disciplined in doing it, especially when no one is watching.

Community Service

Making a difference in the world is in our core values. We’re always looking for opportunities to give back, especially in areas that align with our passions, technology and the web.

RevaComm supports Mayor Caldwell’s office mobilizes public, private, and nonprofit support to provide COVID-19 testing and quarantine services for O‘ahu’s homeless community

by RevaComm on April 01, 2020

As we all face these unprecedented times, we at RevaComm feel blessed to have the opportunity to support our community and donate to the Hawai’i Homeless Healthcare Hui (H4) initiative. We’re all in this together, and our collective efforts can be a force for good as we seek to persevere during this pandemic.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a critical platform advocating for a necessary societal change.

by RevaComm on August 26, 2020

The wrongful death of George Floyd was not the beginning of the BLM conversation, rather a sorrow-filled reminder that there’s still much to be done. Shortly after George Floyds’ life was wrongfully ended, RevaComm President Brett Kimura addressed employees via email.

“Black Lives Matter.” wrote Kimura. “It is up to us to seek resources for education around anti-racism, to listen to Black voices and stories, to be guardians and allies in our community, and to speak up against what is wrong when we see it, even if it makes us extremely uncomfortable.”

RevaComm is committed to the continuous education of the issues at hand. We have made one-to-one matching donations to each cause that our employees have donated to, in support of BLM.