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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DT) is the transformation of business by revamping the business strategy or digital strategy, models, operations, products, marketing approach, objectives etc., by adopting digital technologies. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Digital Transformation Begins with a Plan

A true digital transformation is about change. While technology is great, an organizations’ end-goal is their ability to continue creating value for their customers, and none of that would be possible or sustainable without a solid plan.



Prioritizing User Experience with Real Property Assessment Division of Honolulu

Simplifying how users experience the Honolulu Real Property Assessment Division website to easily access the information they need.

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What are the Benefits of a Digital Transformation?

More than the act of integrating technology, a digital transformation is focused on restructuring an organizations’ business strategies to enable an agile, innovative, and customer-focused future. The key to reaping benefits from your own organizations’ transformation is founded upon your forward-thinking approach.


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