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Workflow Application

A workflow application is a software application which automates, to at least some degree, a process or processes. The processes are usually business-related but can be any process that requires a series of steps to be automated via software. Some steps of the process may require human intervention, such as an approval or the development of custom text, but functions that can be automated should be handled by the application. Advanced applications allow users to introduce new components into the operation. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Digital Transformation Begins with a Plan

A true digital transformation is about change. While technology is great, an organizations’ end-goal is their ability to continue creating value for their customers, and none of that would be possible or sustainable without a solid plan.



A Faster, Better, Paperless Process for the Department of Education

Creating a more efficient system that enables the Department of Education to increase consultant applications and minimize paper loss with minimal need for human intervention throughout the process.

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Contracting Processes of the Future for the Department of Health

Enhancing the State of Hawaii, Department of Health's contracting process to streamline manual activities associated with contract creation, minimizing the level of complexity, number of errors, and time associated with developing each contract.

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