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Information Technology

Over the past decade, many organizations have harnessed Information Technology (IT) to transform their business models and develop new opportunities for growth. For most organizations, however, this trend presents a challenge. Daily demands on IT departments keep them busy and unable to invest in their organization's future. With more than 25 years of experience, RevaComm has the critical skills needed to help you bridge the gap between IT and marketing. We understand the different needs and languages of both disciplines and offer an integrated, team-focused approach to help you succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

For on-premise software, cloud computing, networking, app migrations, and all things IT, we’ve got you covered. Our multi-skilled experts can identify the most effective IT solutions for your organization. We’ll work closely with you from discovery to deployment to ensure that everything goes according to plan. We even provide personalized training and ongoing support to keep your business running 24/7.

Our Information Technology Services

Cloud Services and Infrastructure

The power of the cloud can provide companies with virtually unlimited computing power anytime, anywhere. Our cloud strategies enable businesses to leverage their strengths, open up pathways to new opportunities and disrupt entire industries.

Digital Transformation

Every day, we’re helping clients transform how they organize, operate and succeed. By combining research, analytics, industry-specific insights and decades of proven expertise, we help organizations determine and develop their digital future.

Digital Marketing

To develop engaging and effective digital marketing campaigns, we follow an integrated approach. Our digital marketing encompasses a full suite of services including display and video marketing, SEM, SEO, analytics, and performance optimization.

Retained Services

Our Retained Services team provides numerous services related to hosting, maintenance, and support. From quality assurance (QA) testing and security troubleshooting to website development and administration, we can keep your business running smoothly.



In the military, every mission is critical. True to the qualities of the four branches, we develop innovative solutions as a cohesive team with precision and purpose.


As industries in every sector face a rapidly changing world, we help businesses turn complex processes into intuitive platforms that can drive smart decision making.


As governments struggle to meet their goals given finite resources, our team can put technology to work to modernize systems, increase efficiency, improve community satisfaction and reduce costs.

Let's make it happen.