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Digital Marketing Transformation for American Savings Bank

American Savings Bank
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Disconnect

American Savings Bank (ASB) managed several external digital marketing vendors, each working independently of one another and contributing specific components towards the larger marketing plan. Managing this multi-vendor process uncovered inefficiencies in communication and plan execution, as well as a disconnect between the alignment of website development, marketing practices, and advertising.

To become more effective in the digital landscape ASB needed to consolidate their many partnerships and utilize a vendor who could provide website enhancements that support their marketing and overall goals. This would enable ASB to keep their various initiatives in alignment and would ensure that best practices were followed from the customer-facing advertisements to their digital properties, such as their website.

Strategic One-Stop Shop

ASB expanded their existing partnership with RevaComm which consolidated their digital marketing and website maintenance partnerships into a single vendor, a strategic one-stop shop. We took on the management, execution, optimizations of their advertising platforms, search engine visibility, and overall online visibility. Having ASB’s website and marketing resources in a single location helped to establish a more efficient and effective process that enabled on-the-fly implementations and macro- and micro-conversion tracking to provide more granular data insights for analysis. This change was key to developing more strategic advertising and website optimizations to support ASB’s company-wide and marketing department goals.

This consolidation augmented ASB’s marketing department capabilities which allowed them to focus more time on their future initiatives and opportunities. Additionally, they were able to minimize communication gaps that often occurred when translating digital marketing initiatives and optimizations into technical implementations for their website.


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