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A Faster, Better, Paperless Process for the Department of Education

State of Hawaii, Department of Education
Consultant Selection Portal

Consultant Selection, It’s a Process

The Department of Education (DOE) performs more than 250 selections per year as part of their consultant selection process and has been heavily reliant upon a paper application process and human intervention in filing the documents produced by this process. To create a more efficient system, increase consultant applications and minimize paper loss, the DOE partnered with RevaComm to develop a technical solution for the four major phases in the consultant selection process: Consultant Submission, Pre-screening, Screening, and Selection.

Ultimately, the DOE needed a technical solution that minimized their need for human intervention when organizing the consultant data, filing the output documents, and notifying consultants of their selection status.

A Process with Less Humans

Beginning with the Submittal phase, we converted most of the paper applications into a digital dashboard that automatically validates and digitally stores each application component. This simplified the application process from the consultants’ initial submission through the DOE’s review of each completed submission. Next, we implemented an easy-to-use SharePoint hosted web app to augment the Pre-screen phase, replacing unwieldy Excel spreadsheets with a custom-designed administration panel to house data collected on each consultant. Digital documents were adopted for the Screen phase, allowing the screening committee to quick inform consultants of their selection status, via the Consultant Selection Portal. Finally, the Selection phase organizes and presents project, consultant and consultant budget information for committee selection.

The interface supports easy retrieval of each consultants’ full submission, along with any other associated data. The Selection phase will reduce the amount of time spent per project, and automate the post-selection documents. Overall, RevaComm’s development of the Consultant Selection Portal enabled the DOE to streamline their previous paper application and review processes, while also reducing overhead costs by minimizing the need for human intervention.

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