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Revolutionary Accessibility for American Savings Bank

American Savings Bank
Website Development & Redesign

User Experience Meets Accessibility

American Savings Bank (ASB) noticed a large shift in how users were accessing their website. From device and browser type to assistive technologies, their website was not designed to accommodate the changing technology and accessibility trends. This shift how their website was accessed fueled a new vision, one that revolutionized their customers’ online experience by addressing accessibility challenges and enabling a faster online banking and login process.

ASB knew that a full, responsive website redesign would be vital to their ability to support their current customers’ online needs, while also providing ASB with an opportunity to enhance their online services and features to attract new customers. To bring this vision to life, all ASB needed was a partner who could support these front- and backend changes to achieve their goals.

Responsive and Accessible for All Users

RevaComm redesigned the ASB website, creating a clean, efficient user experience that provided quicker logins and access to banking services from any device or browser, and enabled for assistive technologies. We implemented intuitive navigation for the consumer and business portals that enabled ASB to effectively segment their communications among their target audiences. Additionally, the website now features an array of interactive elements that help customers choose the best services for their needs while effectively educating users about the product and service offerings.

Let's make it happen.